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LOTAN HLS & Defense develops formidable, cost-effective security solutions, based on a proven security concept, leveraging human resources and technology, to ensure peace of mind and business continuity.
Our doctrine is built from our experience of many years in the field of HLS and Defense. It consists of three essential security aspects: A sound security concept, well-trained human resources and advanced technology

Executive Management

Mr. Shaul Lotan


A prominent real estate developer, president and main shareholder of Meshulam Levinstein Contracting and Engineering Ltd.

Mr. Asaf Talmon

Founder & Co-CEO

Leader of major facility protection projects including major sport events and has acquired a wealth of experience in facility and dignitary protection whilst serving with the Dignitary Protection Unit (DPU) of the Israeli Security Agency (ISA). Mr. Talmon also served in the Israeli Defense Forces for four years as an officer in a Special Forces unit.

Mr. Dotan Sagi

Founder & Co-CEO

Mr. Sagi has extensive knowledge in transportation security and installation security. Has served with El-Al security for many years. His responsibilities included amongst other things the management of the school of aviation security. Since then he has lead several projects globally in aviation, border security and commercial installation security.

Advisory Board

Prof Avi Kirschenbaum

Professor Kirschenbaum is a ground breaking sociological research scholar having directed numerous local and national surveys for both public and private organizations. Professor Kirschenbaum is also a world renowned expert in the field of disaster management, transportation security and a popular lecturer, author and advisor to governments, public institutions and security-related companies. He has appeared as a keynote speaker at many international conferences.


Mr. Asaf Sametz- project manager
Mr. Doron Muschinsky: project manager
Mr. Yuval Rosenzweig- project manager
Mr. Gil Reznikov –project manager
Mr. Stephen Phillips - Managing Director, Asia Pacific
Mr. Pablo Pollack – Project Manager
Major Sport Events   Sport venues, Hotels, Airports, Critical infrastructure
  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Security design
  • Tender design and assessment
  • Supervision of technology implementation
  • Quality assurance
Sea Port in Asia
  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Security design
  • Tender RFP
Security Consultancy for Major Hotel Chain
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Security plans
  • Standard operating procedures (SOP) design
Aviation Security for International Airport Authority
  • Management training
  • Predictive Passenger Screening training
  • Airport survey and audits
Design and Operation  of Defense and Homeland Security (HLS) Academy
  • Special units
Developing Doctrine & Concept  of operation for law enforcement agencies in a state highly threatened by terror
  • Special unit training
Iconic Infrastructure & Complexes  Stock exchange, high end residential buildings, Malls
  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Security design
  • Tender design and assessment
  • Supervision of technology implementation
  • Training
  • Quality assurance

IVRI, Istituti di Vigilanza Riuniti d’Italia, is leader in the security field throughout the country, with specific expertise in the design of integrated services of surveillance, transport of valuables, and the operation of alarm systems. With over 70,000 customers, including important institutions, banks, multinational companies, ports, airports and universities IVRI and its 7,200 employees, including security guards which are trained through highly specialized courses and hold a police license (Italian requirement pursuant to Legislative Decree T.U.L.P.S.) and weapons permit. IVRI also has 40 offices in Italy that provide total coverage of the country with 27 operations centers interfacing 24 hours a day with all the patrols and with all the unidirectional and bidirectional peripherals, in accordance with Law 46/90 and with the directives of the Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano

As part of its comprehensive solution concept TML Communications serves as the executive arm for providing Communication Command and Control Infrastructure. This partnership is designed to deliver comprehensive, tailored solutions to meet customer needs with a full portfolio of professional services from A to Z in the state of Israel.
Our partnership offers the following list of solutions:
1. Computer and Telephony Cabling Infrastructure
2. Telephony and PA Systems
3. Medical and Healthcare Command and Control Systems.
4. Security Systems comprising; Control Rooms, Security Cameras and various types of movement and temperature sensing devices.
5. Conference rooms, Classrooms, Access Control, and Presence Reporting.